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Call for Blue Panda Communications Expert

WWF is looking for an engaged and creative communications expert to join our Blue Panda boat crew and local teams and promote the protection of Mediterranean marine biodiversity.

Applications by 9 May 2021 to: mediterranean@wwfmedpo.org

In June 2021, the WWF Blue Panda sailing boat will set sail on its 2021 Mediterranean Journey and will reach a series of marine protected areas and coasts from France to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and Tunisia. The Journey will last from June to November.  For each port of call, the Blue Panda and its WWF team and partners will develop a series of multimedia and digital communication actions to raise awareness on key threats in the Mediterranean and engage local communities and the general public for its increased protection. The boat will show and spread compelling and inspiring stories of unique marine habitats and species that are threatened (by plastic pollution, impactful fishing, tourism etc.) and give voices to people and communities calling and acting for their improved protection.

WWF MMI will develop effective and high-visibility public communications products and stories using the Blue Panda as a flagship tool of our online and (possibly) offline engagement with the public and key partners and donors. We aim to give strong visibility to the work we do in the Mediterranean and to reach the general public in public events and via digital channels to inform and engage people against key threats (e.g. unsustainable fisheries, plastic, tourism and other industrial activities). The boat will be equipped with the best video equipment to allow the production and distribution of video & photo footage to maximize impact. For more information on the Blue Panda look here.
Description of the role
The communications consultant will report to MMI Communications Manager and work together with WWF Blue Panda team and a communications agency (already engaged by WWF) to:
  • manage and implement an effective and well-coordinated public communications project (developed by an external agency) for the WWF Blue Panda Boat Journey 2021 that includes online and traditional international products and channels and fully exploits the tools and environment of the boat and the stories and people it will reach and visit 
  • identify, develop and coordinate the distribution of impactful stories and multimedia products to reach national, regional and international media and public (via WWF social media channels and other partners, celebrities etc.)
  • build a strong digital presence of the WWF Blue Panda  project to ensure high visibility and engagement across the region (e.g. live online events, interactive events, digital actions, multimedia projects)
  • coordinate the timely and effective execution of the various stops of the Blue Panda across Mediterranean countries, supporting national teams whenever needed. WWF national teams will organize local stops and events, but the Communications consultant should ensure the coherence of the regional messages and activities and identify opportunities for international communications.

Skills and competencies
  • The consultant has a strong ability to find and tell good stories and report them in compelling written and visual (photo, short video) formats in English to reach a non-expert public.
  • He/she is passionate about sailing and has some knowledge (preferred) of marine/nature issues and is willing to join the Blue Panda crew for an extended period on board. Sailing experience is preferrable. 
  • He/she has solid experience of working on international projects and how to best coordinate and develop communications activities across several languages and cultures. While the consultant is responsible for the regional communications, he/she will also have to arrange the adaptation of national contents/products to ensure their distribution at the Mediterranean and international level (adaptation, translation, subtitles etc.).
  • He/she has good knowledge of social media and its effective use within an international project to reach different target audiences (specialized stakeholders, media, public).
  • He/she can write and speak perfectly in English, and at least another Mediterranean language to facilitate the exchange within the region. 
  • He/she can produce and edit simple photo/video products for social media distribution.
  • He/she is available to travel and sail for an extended period.

Travel and ways of working (in line with COVID19 restrictions) 
The WWF Blue Panda boat will set sail in July and the Communications consultant will join the crew for around 2 months (end of June – early September) reaching the coasts of Italy, Greece, Turkey and France, with periods of sailing and coastal activities together with the local WWF team. Before and after this time, the communications consultant will develop communications activities remotely from his/her own working site. Testing and COVID19 limitations will be fully respected to ensure the safe and effective implementation of the project.
We therefore propose that the collaboration is organized in the following way:
  •  1 – 25 June: Collaboration in remote - the consultant will be able to work from his/her own site
  • 25 June – 10 September: Collaboration on board the WWF Blue Panda. The consultant will live and sail on the boat. Travel and food expenses will be covered by WWF with an agreed dedicated budget.
  • 10 September – End November: Collaboration in remote - the consultant will be able to work from his/her own site.
How to apply
If you are interested in working with us, please send an updated CV and a short letter (max 1 page) in English explaining how you fit with the role and the required skills and your main experience and achievements in similar projects. Please include links to creative projects and texts you have produced. Candidates must be able to be engaged as external consultants. 
Send your application by 9 May 2021 to: mediterranean@wwfmedpo.org

For information: scampogianni@wwfmedpo.org
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