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© WWF-Turkey

The Blue Panda brings the voice of the Mediterranean Sea close to the millions of local communities and tourists enjoying its natural and cultural beauties, and strengthens a movement of Mediterranean Keepers fighting for a healthier and better protected sea.


2019 was an exciting first year for the Blue Panda, WWF's sailing boat for the protection of the Mediterranean. After 6 months sailing across six countries, we mobilised 8 cities to become Plastic Smart, we engaged with businesses to reduce their footprint and engaged with thousands of people along the coasts to #StopPlasticPollution and save a Greek paradise from oil drilling.

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The Mediterranean Sea, cradle of a flourishing civilization and rich marine biodiversity, is under threat. Centuries of unregulated overexploitation have put its natural bounty in danger. A unique universe of plants, animals, and cultural heritage needs us.

The Blue Panda brings the underwater universe closer to those far from it and engage people to take action for ocean conservation.

A boat that explores the Mediterranean with love and respect, working hard to protect its precious heritage and encouraging more and more communities to join the fight.

Stay tuned for our journey in 2020!

The Blue Panda crosses the Mediterranean to bring the beauty of the underwater universe close to people and mobilize them for its protection.

© Yan Allain / WWF