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Welcome aboard The Blue Panda, WWF’s sailboat for the protection of the Mediterranean Sea! After a year’s break, The Blue Panda makes an exciting return in 2021, sailing to some of the most stunning, precious spots in the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean Sea, a cradle of flourishing civilization and rich marine biodiversity, is in peril. Centuries of unregulated overexploitation have put it under a serious threat. A unique universe of plants, animals, and cultural heritage needs us. 

Our life and livelihood are connected to the health of the Mediterranean Sea.

A boat exploring the Mediterranean with love and respect, the Blue Panda works hard to bring the underwater universe to those above the surface, and to inspire communities to take action to conserve this unique treasure.

Have a look at our journey in 2021!


Between June and November, The Blue Panda has reached six Marine Protected Areas, explored hidden marine habitats and species, met with local communities, and worked together to protect Mediterranean treasure from ghost gear and other threats.

The Blue Panda unites communities in protecting the Mediterranean Sea’s unique natural and cultural beauty. It brings the voice of the Sea to the local communities along its coasts, and the millions of visitors enjoying its bounty every year. The Blue Panda strengthens the movement of Mediterranean Keepers fighting to save Mediterranean Sea’s treasures for future generations. 

Together, we will ensure that at least 30% of this unique environment is effectively protected by 2030.

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Have a look at our 2021 Journey!!


The Blue Panda crosses the Mediterranean to bring the beauty of the underwater universe close to people and mobilize them for its protection.