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Our approach

Creating change for our sea and communities

© Giorgos Rigoutsos / WWF Greece

We believe that science, innovation and multi-level collaboration are all key to achieving the sustainable development goals and restoring a healthy Mediterranean Sea.

An inclusive approach

We develop and foster new science and innovative approaches in partnership with academia, civil society, industry and governments to address the challenges the environment faces in the 21st century.

Our focus is on creating change "in the water" four our sea and communities, through adequate management measures and policy actions that drive biodiversity protection and sustainable development. All this leads to towards a Sustainable Blue Economy for the region that benefits both nature and people.

© Claudia Amico / WWF Mediterranean
Working with local communities

Our most impactful engagement is alongside local communities. We believe in inclusive and equitable access to marine resources; we support communities through capacity building, peer-to-peer exchanges and targeted actions that bring social, economic and ecological benefits.

We strongly support co-creation and participatory management, where communities are at the center of sustainable resources use and management. We want to ensure that decisions that impact local communities are genuinely shared and foster a greater awareness of environmental issues.

Enabling small-scale fishers to sustainably manage the resources they depend on is key to restore the health of Mediterranean fish stocks
© Carlo Gianferro