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Leading change for the Mediterranean Sea

© Claudia Amico / WWF Mediterranean

By bringing together the best of WWF’s marine expertise and engaging with a variety of partners, the Mediterranean Marine Initiative aims to bring innovative approaches to marine resource management and biodiversity protection to secure a sustainable future to Mediterranean’s wildlife and people.

Who we are

WWF and others have been working to conserve the natural wonders of the Mediterranean for many years. But with the scale and urgency of the threats it faces, we need to step up our response.

The Mediterranean Marine Initiative (MMI) brings together WWF offices and programmes from across the region in a concerted, coordinated effort to bring the Mediterranean Sea back to health. Our work ranges from influencing government policy to working with fishing communities, from shaping business models to mobilizing millions of people to conserve the Mediterranean’s natural riches.

Our vision is of healthy marine and coastal ecosystems that support vibrant economies and human wellbeing right across the Mediterranean. Together, we can achieve it.

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Did you know?

Though the Mediterranean makes up less than 1% of the ocean, it is home to 10% of all known marine species, more than a quarter of them unique to the region.

© Frédéric Bassemayousse/WWF

The Mediterranean Sea generate an annual economic value of US$ 450 billion, which makes it the fifth largest economy in the region. The Mediterranean makes up less than 1% of the world’s ocean and it’s home to 10% of all known marine species. Over 150 million people live along its coastline and benefit from the ecosystem services it provides.

But this natural wonder is in trouble. From overfishing and coastal development to plastics, the Mediterranean Sea is under greater pressure than ever before – and it’s feeling the strain.

We urgently need to reset the balance, so that people and nature in the Mediterranean can continue to thrive together.

Our 2030 Vision

By 2030, the Mediterranean has healthy marine and coastal ecosystems to produce streams of benefits to maintain vibrant economies, and which are recognized by the region’s communities as highly valuable for human well-being.

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