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The Mediterranean Marine Initiative aims to bring innovative approaches to marine resource management and biodiversity protection to secure a sustainable future to Mediterranean’s wildlife and people.

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The WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative is a concerted, coordinated effort bringing together all the WWF offices in the region. Our vision is to mobilize society, engage stakeholders, help create the necessary conditions that will enable the much needed transformative changes in marine conservation.

The Mediterranean is a priority ecoregion in urgent need of conservation. It is home to rare and important marine habitats, extensive endemism and a number of endangered charismatic species.
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The excessive production and consumption of plastic is suffocating our rivers and oceans, killing wildlife and contaminating our food, air and water. And it’s only getting worse. 

To solve this crisis, all countries must adopt a treaty that will ban avoidable high risk plastic items - those that cause the most harm or are most prone to leaking into the environment.

The ‘single’ use of the most harmful and avoidable plastic products is one too many. We need your voice to help us turn this single-use into zero-use.