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There are thousands of miles of sea between Ibiza and Kaş or between Lastovo and Gabes, but you’ll hear the same stories everywhere. There are fewer fish in the sea and new threats and changes occuring. Century old families and traditions that are at the heart of the identity of coastal communities and the whole Mediterranean risk disappearing. A lack of resilient marine ecosystems threatens nature and people.

The good news is that a change towards sustainability is already happening. 

Some coastal communities are realising that they have a precise responsibility towards their sea and are starting to be more connected to it and use marine resources in a different, more modern and more sustainable way.  

We believe that small-scale fishers have the strongest interest and benefit in embracing a more sustainable way of managing marine resources that benefit the sea and secure better livelihoods for their families and communities.

© Christian Mantuano/WWF

On the occasion of the International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture #IYAFA2022 we want to give voice to these men and women who are taking the courage of change and learn how to become real guardians of the sea.

Small-scale Fishers in Transition

WWF is working with small-scale fishers across the whole region to pilot new approaches towards fisheries sustainability. These approaches should be scaled-up across the Mediterranean to have a transformative impact on the sector thanks to the implementation of the Regional Plan of Action of Small-scale Fisheries.

Where we work with small-scale fishers towards sustainability.