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One sea. Three voices. A shared vision for the Mediterranean.

© WWF/Cogito Project

Marina, Rania, and Simone do not know each other. They live in different countries, and yet they share the same vision: A future where the Mediterranean people look to the sea as the source of solutions, innovation and job opportunities to tackle today's climate and economic challenges.


The stories in Blue Future represent a much bigger story.

Just like Marina, Rania and Simone, many other young professionals and entrepreneurs around the Mediterranean are ready to take on this challenge and begin their own journey towards a more sustainable, beautiful Blue Future. 

It’s time we listen to them.

The Mediterranean Sea is calling on its people to work for its protection.

Together we can build a future where humans and nature coexist and support each other. #BlueFuture

© WWF/Cogito Project
© Cogito