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WWF's comment on One Ocean Summit in Brest

The One Ocean Summit has opened the year 2022 for oceans, an important year that will see the opportunity to close in on a mandate for global Plastic Treaty in UNEA as well as the 30% protection target, now supported by 83 countries around the world (and the European Union) and the need to maintain high the ambition in a BBNJ Treaty for the high seas.

Giuseppe Di Carlo, Director at WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative said: “WWF is particularly excited to see a strong movement behind blue carbon and the importance of ocean ecosystems in addressing our climate crisis. We work with partners to ensure that blue carbon provides an opportunity to maintain the commitments taken at COP26 in Glasgow.”
WWF is disappointed that the discussion on a moratorium for deep sea mining is not progressing faster and is putting at risk the health and future of the oceans. 
Overall the message that comes out from Brest is that it is "time to move from commitment to action".