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Alessio Satta, new Director of WWF MMI and Mediterranean Foundation
Alessio Satta is the new Director of WWF's Mediterranean Marine Initiative and Mediterranean Office

We are happy to announce that Alessio Satta has joined our team as the new Director.

06 Sep 2023
Sandbar shark in the Mediterranean
Mediterranean countries at a critical time to recover threatened sharks and rays

On Shark Awareness Day (14 July), WWF launches a call to Mediterranean countries to implement the binding measures that they recently adopted and ...

14 Jul 2023
Three types of vessels in the Mediterranean Sea
Patchwork planning by EU Member States puts Mediterranean Sea’s ecologic and economic future at risk - WWF report

National maritime plans are misaligned within and across borders, fail to account for climate change, and are off track to achieve renewable energy ...

26 Jun 2023
Plastic is impacting key marine species in the Mediterranean
UN Plastic Pollution Treaty ‘one step closer’ to being realised, as negotiators in Paris agree to start developing a draft treaty with global rules to curb plastic pollution

WWF welcomes ‘tangible progress’ as the vast majority of countries show support for an ambitious and impactful treaty with binding global rules

02 Jun 2023
Fishing nets, France
Commission ambitions to bridge the gulf between fisheries and nature policies fail to make up for lost time

European Commission launches a new package aims to set a pathway to curb destructive fishing practices, restore wildlife, protect marine ecosystems ...

21 Feb 2023
Atlantic bluefin tuna shoal, Malta
A new era for the management of Atlantic bluefin tuna has started

The 23rd meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) closed its annual meeting with a crucial adoption of ...

22 Nov 2022
Transforming Mediterranean small-scale fisheries towards sustainability
Countries adopt measures to put Mediterranean fisheries on the way to legality and sustainable management.

WWF Statement on 45th Session of General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean.

11 Nov 2022
Izmir adopted a new action plan against plastic pollution
The city of Izmir has a new plan of action to tackle plastic pollution

Since August this year, Izmir, the third most populous city in Turkey, has a new Plan of Action to tackle plastic pollution. The Plan is an important ...

23 Sep 2022
Transforming Mediterranean small-scale fisheries towards sustainability
WWF Statement on 35th Session of UN FAO’s Committee on Fisheries

The 35th FAO Committee of Fisheries (COFI) works to address the state of the world’s fisheries amidst an “ocean emergency”.

14 Sep 2022
Small-scale fishers gather in Rome for IYAFA2022
SSF Summit: More than 200 fishers from all continents join in Rome to give the sector a future

Over 200 small-scale fishers, fisheries associations, non-governmental organizations and government representatives from more than 40 countries ...

06 Sep 2022
Rare shark and ray species of the Mediterranean
Threatened shark and ray species at the crossroads

On Shark Awareness Day, we put the spotlight on a ray species - the Lusitanian cownose ray - that still lacks any regional management and protection ...

14 Jul 2022