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Alessio Satta is the new Director of WWF's Mediterranean Marine Initiative and Mediterranean Office

We are happy to announce that Alessio Satta has joined our team as the new Director.

 Alessio Satta brings highly relevant technical, fundraising and leadership experience to the role from over 25 years of marine and coastal work experience, combined with a PhD in Science and Management of Climate Change, and excellent knowledge of, and relationships in, the Mediterranean region.
He joins us from MedWet, as the regional coordinator of the Ramsar Convention for the Mediterranean, ensuring the 27 parties to the convention in the Med region are appropriately engaged and involved in wetlands conservation and sustainable use. This role involves managing a multidisciplinary and multi-country team, and coordination of a scientific and technical network of 54 researchers from 22 countries. Prior to MedWet Alessio held high profile roles with the Coastal Conservation agency of Sardinia, and as an advisor of the Italian Ministry of the Environment. In addition, Alessio was the founder and President (since 2015) of the MEDSEA foundation, therefore bringing excellent understanding of what it takes to manage a foundation in Italy with all its governance, operational and bureaucratic requirements.
This is the inspiring statement Alessio shared with the team upon news of his selection: "Together, we will amplify our impact by engaging the public, raising awareness, and inspiring individuals to take action. We will advocate for policies that promote conservation and sustainable practices and drive positive change at a regional scale. Our mission is ambitious, but I have complete faith in our abilities to make a difference"
We would also like to take this opportunity for thanking Paolo Lombardi for his long-serving dedication as Director of the Mediterranean Programme office for over 20 years. Paolo Lombardi will continue to work with the regional Europe and North Africa team as Conservation Impact Director until his scheduled retirement in 2024.
© Alessio Satta
Alessio Satta, new Director of WWF MMI and Mediterranean Foundation